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Invite A Friend

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Has the power of prayer made a difference in your life? Is there someone you've been praying for who needs uplifting?
Do you appreciate hearing us pray for those who are lost or suffering and help lead them to acceptance of Jesus Christ in their lives?

You can extend the life changing and miraculous power of God's love to others by sharing Born Again Daily with your family and friends! Peter himself was introduced to Jesus by the invitation of his brother Andrew.

All you have to do is fill out this brief form. When you click the SEND INVITATION button, we will send them an email inviting them to visit our website and experience the Born Again Daily live show. There are no risks or commitments, and we promise we won't use their information or yours for anything else.

Invitations are limited to 5 per day, but you can always come back tomorrow to invite more people. A friend can only be invited once per month. (If you receive a message that they have already been invited, please keep in mind that someone else may have invited them. We don't want to spam anyone!)

Thank you for your support of Born Again Daily and God bless you!

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