About us

Born Again Daily is a grassroots ministry based on the Biblical concept that in order to find salvation, we must be born again in the Spirit.

We believe in spreading the Word of God to enhance the people’s lives.

  • We are not a church. We try to get people to go to church.
  • We educate people. We tell them about Jesus, and what he has done and can do for them.
  • We don't focus on numbers. We focus on individuals.
  • We aren't here to preach to the Christian masses. We introduce people who need Christ to Christ.
  • We are totally non-denominational. Our concern is that people are saved. Isn't that what counts?
  • We believe that God's love can and will make this a better place.
  • We believe in daily affirmation. Our devotionals, sermons, and lessons are based on it. In fact, we believe so strongly in daily re-dedication of our faith that we named our ministry after it!

Jesus touched lives personally or through small gatherings with his group of disciples. He taught by the example of his life interacting with those he encountered in very normal, mundane ways. He shared meals. He tended the sick. He talked about people’s troubles and daily experiences. He changed hearts and lives one by one, day in and day out. He shared his love and hope always. We strive to follow his example in our ministry.

We are here to help people. To help them find Jesus. To help them find a better life. To help them find salvation. To be born again daily.