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Sermons By Smith Wigglesworth

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The Sermons And Personal Writings Of Smith Wigglesworth

Smith Wigglesworth was a prolific orator. While he did not write or publish much of his own work, often his followers would write down and copy his sermons. Below is a list of transcribed sermons and personal letters collected during and after his life. We hope these works will bring you a deeper and more intimate understanding of faith and God while also providing a glimpse into the rise of pentecostal evangelism in the early 1900s. Clicking on any title will take you directly to the entirety of the sermon. Click here to read more about Smith Wigglesworth.
A Life Of Perfect Activity
A Straitened Place, Which Revealeth The Face Of God
Active Life Of The Spirit-Filled Believer
Aflame For God
After Receiving The Baptism
After You Have Received Power
Ask In Faith
Be Not Afraid, Only Believe
Bradford Convention, April 6, 1920
By Faith
Called To Serve
Concerning Spiritual Gifts (Part 1)
Concerning Spiritual Gifts (Part 2)
Dare To Believe And To Command
Deliverance To The Captives
Divine Life And Divine Health
Exceedingly Above All You Can Ask Or Think
Faith In The Living Word
From "Press Reports Of The Fifth Sunderland Convention
From the Great Northern Railway
Full! Full! Full!
Gifts of Healings, And Miracles
God Working In Switzerland
God-Given Faith
Great Grace Upon The Church
Greater Works Than These
Have Faith In God
Himself Took Our Infirmities
I Am The Lord That Healeth Thee
Immersed In The Holy Ghost
Keeping The Vision
Knowing Our Need
Life In The Spirit
Like Precious Faith
Living Epistles Of The Living Christ
Lowliness and Meekness
Meetings In California, Etc.
On Resurrection Power
Our Calling (Part 1)
Our Calling (Part 2)
Our Risen Christ
Paul's Pentecost
Paul's Vision And The Baptism Of The Holy Ghost
Peter's Words of Wisdom
Power From On High
Precious Faith (Part 1)
Precious Faith (Part 2)
Preparation For The Second Coming Of The Lord
Present-Time Blessings
Pressing Through